Menu Matters – The Right Foods for your wedding theme

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A good wedding theme never hurt nobody.  It sets guests expectations…this wedding is about to be lit…and the food will be on point! 


My couples are most often foodies who come to me with the expectation that the food will be interesting, flavorful and memorable.  Usually combining cultures and heritages to create a custom menu that reflects their love of food and tantalizes their taste buds. 


A southern brunch experience is a popular menu request and one that I enjoy preparing as a Southern girl myself. Who doesn’t love a good ol Sunday brunch?!   Say no more…fried catfish or whiting—-pick your favorite, shrimp and grits, braised boneless short ribs and an herb cheesy frittata will no doubt have your guests leaving satiated.


A quaint garden theme can be had right in the midst of brownstone Brooklyn. An outdoor courtyard of historical Akwaaba Mansion sets the stage for a family style dining of brunch favorites  of brioche French toast, Cabernet braised shortribs, fried catfish, and sweet potato hash; 

presented beautifully with fresh cut florals.


A micro wedding of twenty five in Brooklyn featured sirloin steak reminiscent of the best steak house in Brooklyn.  Jerk chicken wings, caramelized onion & smoked gouda quesadilla and lamb chops with mint chutney reflected the various cultures and flavors in neighboring communities—“spreading love—it’s the Brooklyn Way”.


A “Brooklyn Love” theme is limitless in its creativity and Execution.  It can be modern and simple including all the “things” that reflect a couple’s love of each other and all of Brooklyn’s glorious cuisines.


No matter the theme remember to to choose the food you both love. You and your guests will enjoy and always remember the evenings festivities.


Stephanie Naru Photography

Stephanie Naru Photography

Office Hrs: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET


Stephanie Naru 

Stephanie Naru Photography

Office Hrs: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET



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