Power of Flowers: Finding Your Floral Personalities

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Bron Hansboro

Owner, The Flower Guy Bron

The Power of Flowers

By Bron Hansboro

For nearly a decade, flowers have given my voice traction in many critical conversations, provided a platform for creativity, and become my personal change agent. Some would even argue that flowers are the most transformative element of events. Although I have a clear bias, let’s never question the power flowers have on so many occasions, as well as their impact on you.  

When was the last time you received or sent flowers to someone? I’m sure you recall the sense of gratitude, accomplishment, euphoric tingle, or nostalgia. However, as we head into the holiday season, flowers will play roles on many occasions. From family dinners, cocktail parties, proposals, and romantic dates, to thoughtful acts of kindness, flowers will be the item of choice that perfectly complements any moment. More specifically, many newly engaged couples will start curating Pinterest boards and flooding their feeds with floral inspiration.

Honestly, many couples lose sleep over flowers and find themselves in challenging compromises with their partner. There’s no surprise here, considering the importance of wedding design. However, there’s a way to channel this powerful energy into positive and enriching experiences for you and your guests.  

I encourage all couples to view their wedding flowers and design as an expression of their individual and collective taste. This approach creates seamless design flow, relatability, and, most importantly, authenticity. Considerations outside of solely “What is it going to look like?” Give way to new considerations like, “What emotions do you want your guests to feel when they enter the reception?”, “What is something my guests nor I have likely experienced at a wedding?” or “Is there a fragrant flower that will compliment the ceremony vibe?” Start driving the process. This form of consideration is where the Power of Flowers lies.  

Consider this point of view; reflect back to the last time you received flowers and how they made you feel. Now consider this perspective, you and your guests are the honored recipients of your floral graciousness. You worked for months on the concept, made significant investments, and toiled over the details, and it was not in vain. Your floral presentation could be the inspirational key that unlocks your guests’ creativity in a new way, or the enchanting smell of fresh florals could spark a moment of nostalgia for someone. 

I’ve learned not to categorize weddings as large social events but instead see them as major opportunities to influence people and culture. Through wedding flowers, in particular, I have discovered a fond appreciation and respect for how flowers infiltrate our lives and how their transformative power gives us a portal toward floral enlightenment.


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